Ongoing Technical Support

Keep calm and Climb up

A-Grade IT can become your remote maintenance services provider as soon and for as long as you need. On the basis of your specific needs and preferences we will recruit a dedicated support team. However, it’s not all about making sure your software or website performs without a hitch. Forging lasting connections and providing truly great services form the core of our company; we ensure you feel treasured as a client and a friend.

Many small and medium-sized IT companies often find that they need to allocate expensive development resources for their tech support, thus limiting their product development. A-Grade IT will gladly take those burdens from you; our dedicated support team will resolve any issues and problems your project team can experience with software maintenance and website administration.

Going above and beyond what is a good tech support service to what is A-Grade quality standard of technical support outsourcing.

Proactive Fixed-Fee IT Support

A-Grade IT maintenance services allow our clients to completely outsource online tech support of their systems, including the procurement, installation, and ongoing management of their web applications and software solutions. Support service is priced on a fixed monthly fee, so you can plan and control the costs.

As a part of ongoing IT support you are assigned a dedicated support team, which consists of team manager and two developers, which will respond to the requests and resolve the reported issues on basis of Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) model. According to CERT model incident handling workflow consists of four main phases:

1. Detect an issue

2. Classify a support incident

3. Analyze

4. Respond to the incident

Responsive Support When You Need It Most:
Choose Your Incident Severity & Priority

A-Grade IT support guarantees response times based on the support priority and severity level of each issue. Using the ticketing system you will able to indicate severity of the issue and prioritize it. As we understand it severity means how the incident influences your operation, while priority is indicator for our team which issues should be resolved first.

We have internal system of resource and task management on the basis of Agile methodology, in particular Scrum. As well, we have a ticketing system that allows processing customer requests. Incidents can receive severity and priority parameters that allow providing timely reaction on customer requests and resolving the most important issues first.

All time spent on issues resolving will be reported to our internal Agile-based reporting and planning system. You will receive access to the system to control and monitor the time required to resolve the issue.

You may set a severity level and priority of the support incident defined by A-Grade IT as follows:

Based on your growing business needs and development requirements, you may need to escalate your support request to have your issue resolved immediately. You’re the best judge of when you should modify a case.

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