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12 Tips to manage dedicated developers remotely

One of the biggest benefits technology presented to any business is the ability to operate and collaborate with their team remotely. However,  it still is quite a challenge to manage a dedicated team of developers remotely the right way. Some may say, it’s not for them, as they prefer constant supervision of their project team. […]

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Hire a Project Manager for Your Dedicated Team

Paying salaries to a personnel you don’t actually need is not in the interest of any business owner. However, without managerial staff you will have to spend even more time and energy because of poor management and low performance level of your dedicated developers. Try before the start of  the project development, or even in […]

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ABC’s of Outsourcing Software Development Part 2: Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Dedicated Team Pricing Models

In our first part of Outsourcing ABC’s series we talked about the service models. This post will be focused on the pricing/payment models, mainly well-trusted Fixed Price, Time and Materials, and, as of late Dedicated Team. A pricing model is essentially a contractual agreement, signed between an IT provider and a service gainer. And I’m sure that price is what provokes the most debate between you and your IT provider. How much should you pay/get is one of the toughest questions to get an answer to. The software development outsourcing market is getting super competitive with offshore companies being asked by their clients to offer more flexible pricing, so it’s crucial to understand pricing and payment options before you sign the contract. So how do you choose the right pricing model for the project? Well, let’s dig a little more and find out.

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