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Is IT Staffing for Your Business?

Your business success directly correlates to how well you have built your development team, and whether or not you made the right decision to hire developers yourself. You need right people to get a quality product or service. Each year IT market is getting fresh faces, but will they make a right fit? Developers can […]

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Why Outsource to Poland?

Poland has become a rightful leader among countries you should outsource your development projects to in Europe. Recently Poland has become a first choice country for business processes outsourcing (BPO) in Europe and a third worldwide – state the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) and Tholons – a top Strategic Advisory company for Global […]

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Education of Polish Developers and Project Managers

What makes the Polish IT market so attractive is its human resources. In today’s post we uncover the issue of the higher education of Polish programmers. IT education in Poland consists of three areas: higher education the developers complete in universities and internships and professional training they get in IT companies. Last year Antal International […]

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