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ASP.NET vNext Platform for Building Web Applications with .NET

Most of you, probably already know about ASP.NET vNext,  a new open-source and cross-platform web development framework.  The .NET developers have been trying for years to have Microsoft release an open-source version, and now that they have joined forces with the other amazing programmers from the .NET core in-house development team. Some of the new […]

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.NET Vs. PHP: Why hire .NET developers for your web application development

We all know that both  PHP and .NET have strong fan bases, so a quick disclaimer: from a technical point of view making a comparison between .NET and PHP is a bit unfair. Unlike its competitor PHP, Microsoft’s .NET is not a programming language, it’s in fact a web development framework that is used to […]

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World’s Largest Online Experts’ Consulting Services Website

The recruitment staff of A-Grade IT has been requested to hire a dedicated team of web developers to work on the design and implementation of the world’s largest online consulting services website. Online real-time expert question and answer website, localized for the UK, Germany, Spain and Japan, was created for an American customer that provides professional consulting services in various areas including medical, legal, automotive, veterinary, and tech support, or help with any other everyday issues.

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