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Why Outsource to Poland?

Poland has become a rightful leader among countries you should outsource your development projects to in Europe. Recently Poland has become a first choice country for business processes outsourcing (BPO) in Europe and a third worldwide – state the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) and Tholons – a top Strategic Advisory company for Global […]

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5 Reasons to switch to dedicated IT support team

Without any doubt, we entered the era where the data became the currency of our future. Everything is processed by some kind of software for data management, and afterwards the filtered data is delivered to a targeted audience. The way we now approach data and information management can dramatically impact our business, be it for […]

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What is Nearshore IT Outsourcing?

Nearshore IT outsourcing,  or nearshoring  is a term used for transferring IT processes and business projects to companies, located  closer to home, so that both customer and nearshore IT provider may take advantage of geographic proximity, fewer time zone, cultural, linguistic differences, common economic, political, or historical linkages. The work that is majorly outsourced nearshore […]

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