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Faster Software Development with Maintenance Engineers Team

Gartner reports that about 80-85% of the time the project is being developed is spent on IT maintenance and support. Many of  our clients do agree that their dedicated development teams divide a lot of time to complete all the IT maintenance tasks. Now, if our developers spent so much time on maintenance alone, then […]

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5 Reasons to switch to dedicated IT support team

Without any doubt, we entered the era where the data became the currency of our future. Everything is processed by some kind of software for data management, and afterwards the filtered data is delivered to a targeted audience. The way we now approach data and information management can dramatically impact our business, be it for […]

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.NET Vs. PHP: Why hire .NET developers for your web application development

We all know that both  PHP and .NET have strong fan bases, so a quick disclaimer: from a technical point of view making a comparison between .NET and PHP is a bit unfair. Unlike its competitor PHP, Microsoft’s .NET is not a programming language, it’s in fact a web development framework that is used to […]

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