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Dedicated Development Center: Benefits

Conducting business get more and more complicated and dependent on IT solutions. To meet its IT needs, a company requires a professional team of dedicated developers with the expertise in  certain industry and technology, so it can design and implement solutions that would fully satisfy business needs of the company. At the same time, a […]

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Need top tech talent? Hire dedicated developers from Poland

Looking for highly experienced developers in a local pool of candidates yields you no results? Today we show you how to snatch top tech dedicated resources from Poland – and disperse some common myths surrounding the recruitment…

IT in Poland is going strong and it will go even stronger in 2014 – and it’s no surprise with such high percentage of software developers and other IT folk. Many of global tech giants such as Microsoft. IBM, Google already have Polish offices with R&D departments, and the rest will soon follow as well.

So, how do you hire Polish developers for your IT company? With some experience behind our backs we decided to shed some light on outsourcing dedicated resources.

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ABC’s of Outsourcing Software Development Part 1: Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Team and Project-based Models

Software development outsourcing is not as young as it might seem at first. Still, it is always good to start with the basic models of outsourcing software development — Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Team and Project-based Models. You probably can list a good few more, but all those new faces to outsource the mobile development, design, […]

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