SharePoint Client Desktop App

A-Grade IT has been challenged with the task to hire a dedicated team of software developers nearshore to work on SharePoint Client desktop application development.

Dedicated Development Team

Since many users started working with tasks within the SharePoint 2010 web application, our customer has received lots of requests to provide a desktop (synched) application on Windows. After contacting A-Grade IT the customer sent us a brief and our recruitment staff performed a thorough screening of suitable candidates to provide IT experts. Upon closer collaboration the dedicated developers team, highly skilled and seasoned in the following Technologies:  SharePoint 2010, Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 SDK, Microsoft Sync Framework, WPF was approved.


The software development team built SharePoint Client App, an extremely flexible and highly customizable SharePoint desktop application which allows to configure the whole workflow with various SharePoint lists. The designed software application provided users with options to:

  • synchronize the data to a local desktop app so a user can work with local speed
  • configure application: lists, views (Customizable synchronizing of a number of lists from SharePoint connecting Tasks with activities and related lists, Opportunities with activities and related lists, Projects with tasks, activities and documents, etc.)
  • synchronize data using Microsoft Sync framework

The dedicated team of software developers was later on tasked with Task Management App configuration to provide the offline ability for SharePoint Client app as well.