Sales Forecasting System

The dedicated team, comprised of A-Grade IT software developers successfully created SaleSystem, a Sales Forecasting System for monitoring sales processes and creating forecasts. The system works as a shell for several popular CRMs (including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and Pivotal) – customer relationship management software developed for Sales, Marketing, and Service sectors. The application can also work in standalone mode without any CRM behind.

Dedicated Development Team

SaleSystem is an all-purpose solution that can be used by various enterprises and organizations’ employees. By using this system they will be able to work with any CRM instances used in those organizations. Recently the possibility to work on SaleSystem portal without any CRM has been added as well. Designed first by ABTO Software as a shell only for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, later the SaleSystem was integrated with CRMs of other producers, e.g. Salesforce and Pivotal, which extends the amount of its users. To advance the solution the dedicated development team was assembled according to specific set of expertise requirements and so customer got A-Grade IT to hire a few senior ASP.NET programmers and dot net programmers with expertise in following technologies WCF, MS Dynamics CRM 2011, Salesforce SOQL, Windows Azure, Splendid, Sage.


The sales forecasting solution provides important features which simplify and make the work in any kind of CRM (not only Microsoft CRM) more convenient and faster. It allows:

  • sales team to take ownership for their activity, pipeline and forecast
  • immediately and significantly impact on sales behaviors and revenues
  • quickly manage sales opportunities, appointments and tasks
  • monitor progress of each sales person individually as well as the whole team
  • receive highly precise sales forecasts of different kind
  • quickly generate detailed reports on sales progress.


The SaleSystem sports a lot of advantages, compared to similar solutions:

  • incredibly easy to use
  • simple to use compared with traditional CRM’s
  • low cost flexibility
  • rich user experience
  • ease of enterprise integration

Customer Benefits

The dedicated software developers  ensured that the developed solution would provide:

  • increased sales forecasting accuracy
  • credible control over forecast and budget numbers
  • increased sales productivity and revenues
  • easier and more confident sales management
  • control over sales process

This easy-to-use SaleSystem for Sales Forecasting is built on the customer’s proprietary and proven forecasting processes and technology. Using the highest standard of measurement it produces extremely precise forecasts.