Easy Access to Extra Resources

Meet and exceed

Today’s rapidly changing markets and business models require that companies continuously enhance the functionality of their products or introduce technology-forward solutions to stay ahead of the competitors. And too often your in-house development team will lack the capacity to realize your ideas within a short timeframe.

Whatever the scenario A-Grade IT can allocate extra dedicated resources for development of specific features along with your dedicated or in-house software development team, this way you are able to present a much more powerful and richer product onto the market faster and at a lower cost.

So, if you feel limited, just hire offshore programmers: we will support your dedicated team. A-Grade IT can provide you with extra dedicated resources: web developers, software developers, web designers, quality control engineers, marketing specialist to reduce your workload. This can be arranged in the form of an offshore development team or you can just hire offshore developer with specific skills and knowledge for one-time task – whatever you need, we supply.

Outsource Extra Tasks to A-Grade IT

Once the product development has started, it’s quite common to discover that its successful completion is impossible without some extra work. Your development developers cannot be experts in all types of technologies. They, of course, have a general knowledge in that particular area, but in most cases it’s not enough to start working full-time on a related project without completing some practical course to gain expertise. If you know that a task requires skills and time your development team just does not possess, it’s high time to outsource those project tasks to offshore programmers.

We help small-scale as well as big companies in four major IT areas:

Software development

A-Grade IT is an experienced software development provider that delivers cost-effective and quality software solutions that meet and exceed your requirements. You give us a brief, explaining what small project or task you need to carry out, and our software developers will get right to it. Our software developers always plan for the possibility of future enhancements, so your product will be programmed to be scalable and flexible to satisfy your growing business needs.

Our deep pool of software programmers offers versatile skills and expertise in, but not limited to:

  • Java software development
  • Microsoft .Net development
  • Android application development
  • iOS application development

Web Design and Development

If it’s only a feature you would like to provide to your customers, or update you website design, outsource these project tasks to A-Grade IT offshore developers: we hire a web developers and web designer with those specialized skills that you need for your specific task, but don’t find in your project team.

Our core skills include, but not limited to:

  • ASP .Net web development
  • graphic design
  • web design
  • PHP web development

Ecommerce & Marketing

Selling online is what is every business seems to be doing now. For you to enter the online market and be successful, you will require a web marketing specialist that can advise you about all the different topics that go with it. If internet marketing is not a core competency of your project team, A-Grade IT can provide you with the right people. You can:

  • hire dedicated SEO to optimize your website and boost organic traffic
  • recruit content marketing specialist to develop a strategy and perform a research to create compelling content that will turn your visitors into real customers
  • get copywriting services for high quality content
  • IT specialist to work with CRM, credit card payments
  • social media marketers to build trust factor and force connections with prospective customers
  • online marketing consulting

Mobile Application Development

A-Grade IT offers skills versatility and technology innovation with main focus on the user experience. We assist dedicated teams with mobile application development, primarily we hire Android developers and iOS developers. But as an IT nearshore outsourcing company in its core we will recruit mobile app developers with technology experience you seek for:

  • Cross-Platform mobile app development
  • Embedded mobile applications
  • Integration of mobile solutions
  • Multimedia and entertainment applications
  • Banking and financial mobile applications development services
  • Picture, audio and audiovisual applications for mobile devices