Your dedicated team

We build a team that will build your business

It may sound cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true – when it comes to hiring a team for your project, following the traditional offshore outsourcing model is no longer an option. You need an IT outstaffing that recognizes your company’s brand, values and position in the market. Really great dedicated team is tailored to your specific set of requirements based on the project needs and completely controlled by you.

At A-Grade IT we believe that dedication and expertise equals results. That is why we are always at your service, and our HR department works tirelessly to deliver a stellar team of IT experts.

Here’s How It Works

We assemble you a dedicated team in four steps:

1 Analyze and understand your needs
We build a team around your needs. Our recruitment team and technical experts take a collaborative approach to understand your business requirements and main objectives, as well as determine the key factors of your project’s success on our end.

We leverage a deep expert pool in several European development centers, hence why we will craft a team just for you. We are performing an active search to find the candidates that fit your needs for specific skills, experience, profile as well as company’s culture.

We open a line for communication with the best applicants. You get their CVs along with the technical and personal appraisal. Next we set up the final interviews, so you can evaluate them transparently as an overall fit for your project.

Start up the team
Choice is all yours. You make a final decision on the candidates that will form the team and we ensure the contract is signed.

Scale Your Dedicated Team

The proficient recruitment personnel at A-Grade IT will help you extend your dedicated software and web development teams with extra resources. You can rely on A-Grade IT to help you hire a programmer with the technical expertise and skills you require:

Software Development .Net developers, Java developers, C/C++ programmers
Web development ASP.Net developers, PHP programmers, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript developers
Mobile Applications Development iOS developers, Android developers