So who is A-Grade IT?

We are software developers, web designers, digital marketers.
We are the people that will make you Great.

We came from all walks of IT and together we become A-Grade IT. The short story is that our company will help you set up a dedicated team of software development experts just for your projects. Then we keep delivering extra dedicated resources, but in a strategic and focused way.

The longer one starts with the fact that we all have many years of experience of working in IT behind us, so we know what clients need. In most cases customers have an idea, but are struggling to find the right people to make them into something real. So we decided that we will take that gruesome task of the customer’s shoulders and present you with a dream team. We are here to support you on your journey to becoming the next Dropbox or Facebook, hence our motto:

Don’t be afraid to be Great.

Read more about our values and corporate culture: attitude, approach and how we treat clients.

We Care

As of now we challenge you to find a nearshore outsourcing company that cares about your business more than we do. Many will give you a lecture on the latest technologies and trends, but knowledge can get you so far. Our developers, marketing specialists and recruitment staff have the heart and passion to drive your business forward.

Fresh Approach

We strongly believe that to provide our customers with a solution that will actually work for their business in this upbeat and dynamic market, be it assembling a dedicated development team or building a mobile app often means straying from conventional practices. So if you’re ready to go forward, contact A-Grade IT.

We cultivate Diversity

We understand that our varied expertise comes from our team’s diversity. Whether it is dedicated team recruitment, internet marketing, software programming, web design or copywriting, you can rely on A-Grade IT to adapt and bring the needed talents to the table.

Dedicated to Growth

Happy customers are our greatest motivation to learn, grow and flourish ourselves. Every day A-Grade IT employees harness the skills in their respective fields and keep up-to-date with the latest artistic and technological trends in IT, which means that your dedicated team is about to put its best foot forward.

Business Transparency

We nurture friendly relationships with our customers and deliver our services as transparent as possible. Every team member is approved by you. When you decide to hire dedicated web developers, software developers or other IT specialists the recruitment process is performed according to your specific requirements. We provide you with all the business data, including costs, workflow, and resources of your dedicated team.

Your Full Control

We make a dedicated team just for you, so it’s a perfect match for the business objectives you want to reach. But you get to make all management decisions. Each individual team member is reported to you and managed by you. Developers collaborate closely with your company staff, follow your development methodology, and share work tools.

Extend Your Team

Your project needs are growing, and your team needs some upgrading. We help you extend the dedicated team by hiring a few more experts to get new skills and expertise, required to handle upcoming challenges.

Cost-effective Investment

We are European company with nearshoring prices. Plus our own competitive pricing and essential benefits of dedicated team outsourcing model let you cut down the overall project costs by up to 40-60%.