Faster Software Development with Maintenance Engineers Team

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Gartner reports that about 80-85% of the time the project is being developed is spent on IT maintenance and support.

Many of  our clients do agree that their dedicated development teams divide a lot of time to complete all the IT maintenance tasks. Now, if our developers spent so much time on maintenance alone, then only 15-20% are left to work on the core development of the company.  The high volumes of IT maintenance and support tasks keep your dedicated developers from other important work:

  • creating report on the state of the project development

  • keeping all the project documentation up-to-date

  • doing strategic planning for your company

  • starting new projects

  • learning about the best practices

  • developing the expertise in new technologies

Since A-Grade IT is tasked by the clients to hire them their own project development teams with them becoming project managers, we often ask a prospective client what he does to balance out the routine that comes from IT maintenance and support tasks and working on the strategic projects.  And the expression on their faces says it all – it’s overwhelming.

The headache of keeping track of all the core development tasks that need to be done and taking care of the systems maintenance is  a common occurrence in IT industry.

Let’s imagine you have been developing a web application that later on became quite a success, and now you have hundreds, or even thousands of users. This means daily you will receive up to 20 requests for new feature development and bug reports. As the project progresses, your web developers will need to spend more and more time on the application maintenance. So, what can you do? You can have a week when you fix bugs; you can slow down the new developments and having developers do the app maintenance; you can stop working on the new features for your app, or ignore it all together, but it’s not how you want to build your business.

Getting a remote IT maintenance team will help.  By outsourcing all of your maintenance and support tasks to a remote dedicated team allows you to free up your in-house resources and start the web development full-force – less stressing out, thinking about reducing downtime, as well as increasing productivity of your development team, and profits.

Hire Maintenance Engineers Team

Finding the right people to join your IT maintenance team is easiest with the company that offers an IT staffing service, following staff augmentation and dedicated team model. Their recruitment staff will select the best applicants, and together you will create a shortlist that will be sent an interview task. Since a maintenance is usually hired for a long-term projects, personal qualities are just as important as having .NET , JavaScript, iOS programming skills.

Now that you hired yourself a maintenance team, you may face a challenge of keeping your remote software maintenance engineers productive. Here a few tips:

  • have  a great bug tracking system that lets you add new bugs and new feature requests with the history of communicating with the customer

  • tool that allows your quality engineers and software maintenance developers share their  experiences and updates on their recent work

  • provide your software maintenance engineers with a remote development environment that is easy to set up and maintain

One of the biggest advantages you gain by hiring a remote dedicated support team is the continuous improvement. Having worked with many development teams, our project managers shared some insight with us. There are developers teams that work mostly on building and introducing new products, which means there is little to no improvement, unless they find a major problem with the developed solution. Then after a year, you need to develop a new version and do a major overhaul. But, by the time your developers are out of the loop, and it will take them quite some time to get reacquainted. You won’t get the same headache if you decide to hire a software maintenance engineers team after delivering an initial version of the product.

When you have an IT maintenance and support engineers team you can continuously enhance your solutions, and start building new ones. You need it. Go hire a maintenance team!