12 Tips to manage dedicated developers remotely

One of the biggest benefits technology presented to any business is the ability to operate and collaborate with their team remotely. However,  it still is quite a challenge to manage a dedicated team of developers remotely the right way. Some may say, it’s not for them, as they prefer constant supervision of their project team. […]

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How to Build Your Web Development Team

Starting your own company or brand can be quite a nerve-wrecking and  scary experience. Hiring people to work with you may be even more complex. Your people either will lead you to success or will be your downfall, so there is a lot of pressure to hire not only experienced developers and IT professionals, but […]

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Hybrid Cloud

Let’s face it there are no perfect solutions, but you come pretty close with the right development team and project management. Each time we start a new software development project, questions like what tools to pick, design, UI arise, so we need to compromise. And each time picking this or that framework we trade off […]

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