Why Outsource to Poland?

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Poland has become a rightful leader among countries you should outsource your development projects to in Europe. Recently Poland has become a first choice country for business processes outsourcing (BPO) in Europe and a third worldwide – state the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) and Tholons – a top Strategic Advisory company for Global Outsourcing and Investments.

What can we expect from Poland in 2014?

Poland has not only established itself as a strong IT outsourcing leader, Polish hardware market is prepared to grow by 7.7% in 2014 and reach US$ 4 million in 2014.

Innovative solutions, presented in Polish IT market, increasing share of legal software sold to private households and rising awareness of end-users contribute to faster overall growth of  IT market in Poland. The IT services and software market in Poland is on its way to a staggering US$ 4.5 million in 2014, indicating an annual growth rate of 10.7%.  The software solutions market is going to reach US$ 2.5 million. These growth forecasts are in accordance with assessments of Polish industry specialists.

The major factor that determines how attractive Poland is as an software development outsourcing country for foreign investors is the high quality of human capital in the state. Polish developers and other IT specialists are well known in Europe as creative and highly professional, with Polish students frequently being given awards at the international programming contests (e.g. 2011 ACM ICPC contest in Orlando).

Investing in the Polish IT sector is also cost-effective, as labour costs are much lower. Local and central authorities provide attractive low-cost investment fields and strong support to foreign investors. The attractiveness of Poland as the host for international investments in the IT sector has been proven by growing interest of the world leading companies in the sector, which have already decided to invest here, among them you can find giants: Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM and SAP.

Here are some facts that show how attractive Poland is  for software development and business processes optimization outsourcing:

  1. Poland is, in fact, the 6th biggest state among European Union members with its population bordering on 38 million citizens.

  2. By outsourcing your IT projects to Poland you gain access to more than 550 million people market.

  3. Warsaw, being a capital of Poland has a good geolocation. It takes only 1,5 hour by plane to get to Berlin.

  4. Poland is a well-respected member of European Union, NATO, OECD, WTO, and as of late a member of European Space Agency (ESA).

  5. Poland is considered by Ernst & Young the first for outsourcing your software development in Europe and the second most attractive European destination for foreign direct investment (FDI).

  6. Gartner Reports states that the global ICT giants have their R&D centers in Poland, thus employing 10.000 highly professional English- and German-speaking developers and IT specialists well-versed in latest technologies.

  7. Overall there are 50.000 Polish ICT companies, with mobile application development companies taking the largest percentage.

  8. Truffle 100 included Asseco Poland and Comarch, two ICT companies to its list of top 100 software companies in Europe.

  9. There are more than 360 of SSC/BPO outsourcing centers in Poland that employ 50.000 specialists and 140.000 of IT professionals.

  10. The Polish are considered to be a nation of “young people” where 50% of the citizens is under 35. Poles make over 10% of all  EU university graduates, with 40.000 of ICT specialists graduate each year.

  11. Five video games of the top list were produced by Polish programmers, the same goes for numerous mobile games.

  12. Polish IT professionals every year get the highest ranks in international programming contests, such as Microsoft Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam, TopCoder, the Central European Programming Contest (CEPC).

  13. A total of 36 Polish IT companies made it into the 13th issue of  “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” that publishes the list of the fastest growing and most prominent companies providing  the innovative IT solutions in Central Europe.