.NET Vs. PHP: Why hire .NET developers for your web application development

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

We all know that both  PHP and .NET have strong fan bases, so a quick disclaimer: from a technical point of view making a comparison between .NET and PHP is a bit unfair. Unlike its competitor PHP, Microsoft’s .NET is not a programming language, it’s in fact a web development framework that is used to build applications. PHP is your web development language. So comparing those two is like deciding what is better apples or apple pie. Nevertheless, our customers often struggle with a choice between PHP and .Net application development, and in turn, whether to hire .Net developers or PHP developers. Let’s investigate.

PHP development

In simple terms, PHP is a simple programming language that is used to build web applications. Introduced first as dynamic web pages programming language only, PHP is also good for developing small, simple and fast websites and flexible web apps. Well, if we look closer, we may find that roughly 25 million web pages are written in php. PHP scripts can be integrated  into HTML directly. Those are strong advantages of building web applications i PHP. However, when the project is more complex and aims at designing and delivering a sophisticated enterprise application, PHP is not the best choice.

PHP belongs to open source projects, its community is large and continues to grow, and with it the number of modules and extensions that make PHP more appealing. However, this is boh a pros and a con, as modules are updated slowly, depending on how popular they are (such as performance enhancements instead of security tools).

Now, if we look at PHP as a development would, we can say its so simple, that you can’t do much with it just “out-of the-box”. You should have a few years of experience behind you, and a lot of free time to create more complex apps with just PHP scripts. More resources would be spent, and it’s not something every customer can afford. here come more complex and sophisticated languages like .NET or Java.

The other problematic side of  scripting in PHP is there is hardly any version control. What it means is that there is no medium that would help you manage the application versions  between your server, OC, and website – you should manage it yourself to avoid any compatibility issues. And if you are not careful enough, this can cost you a lot. You would need to get more qualified IT support and maintenance services for the less complex web applications that, if they were coded in ASP.NET, they would not require that.

.NET Development

Compared to PHP .NET is much more capable in terms of web application development. You can create the same scripts that provide the same functionality, but you can take it up a notch, and start working on enterprise application development. For simple mobile and web apps, you can choose either to work with PHP developers or .Net developers, it’s up to you. However, if you are to start a project on development of a more complex, highly flexible and scalable solution, .NET wins by a landslide.

PHP and .NET both have strong communities, yet .NET gets a constant support from Microsoft with a dedicated development team working full-time on building new modules and expanding the functionality and capabilities of .NET platform. All these new tools are thoroughly tested, compatibility with development tools, servers, operating systems, etc won’t be an issue, which is a frequent occurrence with PHP application installation. Less errors and issues equals less money, time and energy spent on IT support and maintenance.

.NET as a web application development platform is multi-tenant, so you can hire developers with knowledge of C#, C++/CLI, F#, VB.NET. You are not limited to PHP developers only, you can recruit programmers with different skills and expertise to deliver a solution provide you faster – you get a shortcut.

Another benefit of .NET web framework is that it allows developers to build applications not only faster with a cleaner maintainable code, but the end product has a higher level of security.

.NET vs. PHP

Before you contact an IT staffing company to build you a dedicated team, you need to have a clear vision of your business objectives in the long run. At first, it seems that PHP and .NET are equally matched, however having a bit of experience in IT, we can state that you will never ever hear a senior developer who is involved in the enterprise application development project say “It would be better if we had built this in PHP.” That’s not to say, you can’t do it in PHP, you can, but what are the costs? On the whole .NET web framework is best suited for the development of complete enterprise-level solutions.

When it comes down to capability, it is more of a draw. If we take one senior PHP and one senior .NET developer, and give them the same task, i’m sure they will provide a working solution, but the quality and efficiency will differ. So what you need to ask yourself is are you willing to wait and spend more? Are quality and security of the web application a top priority?

To sum up, we would recommend you get a team of .NET developers, if you are looking for programmers to work on a long-term project and expect your application to be highly scalable, secure and perform well. That said, we have PHP developers in our midst that completed successfully a few smaller projects for the customer. To get a qualified opinion, you can contact us directly.