JavaScript Developers Team for Enterprise Applications Development

Monday, May 5th, 2014

JavaScript has become one of the those  programming languages naturally fitted for web development projects. In September 2012 JavaScript was named the number one language by RedMonk. Why you may ask? JavaScript developers work with rich web content, the programming in JavaScript is fast and relatively lightweight.

Since mid-90th JavaScript established itself as a browser-agnostic programming language, however the recent years the JavaScript developers showed that it can be successfully used for mobile application development and server-side web projects. Now it is said that JavaScript is going to dominate other scripting languages for the enterprise application development. It seems the all-around C, C++ and Java languages are stepping aside to be ultimately displaced. let’s find out the reasons behind such a strong statement.

User Experience & Mobile Applications Development

Mobile-friendly solutions for the enterprise are now a must. Mobile applications lay out the needed foundation for the companies to expand their markets and increase their target audience. Users demand that their favorite apps work on the latest mobile devices and tablets. And with the number of those devices growing each day,  the app updates are to be released in shorter, more frequent cycles, that should take no more than a few days or weeks, despite the fact that the developers are used to deliver them in a period of few months or quarters. they no longer have such a luxury with such demanding clients, that’s one of the reasons the developers are switching to JavaScript to develop mobile applications.

The next point in favor of JavaScript for mobile development is the user experience. With Apple setting the bar far high up the user experience is paramount to the app success. The customers are used to the best, so they demand the best user experience. In the enterprise application development, hot trends like Bring Your Own Device or App are contributing to fast implementation of mobile apps, since they promote the use of third-party applications and cloud services by the employees in their workplace. It all resulted in the user experience becoming one of, if not the most crucial factors determining the application success, disregarding the peculiarities of the target audience.

JavaScript developers are capable of delivering the products and services fast and ensuring a truly great user experience. This only proves that JavaScript is ideal choice for rapid mobile application development. That’s why it came as no surprise when too IT giants Google and Apple have introduced JavaScript application development interfaces to their mobile development tool kits.

Cloud & Server-Side Development

Enterprise mobile application development requires cloud computing. And again JavaScript  swoops to play the central role. Even though JavaScript was not initially used by back-end developers, the recent years proved that JavaScript can be an efficient backend technology platform with the Node.js provided.

Node.js is one of software platforms that was designed for developing highly scalable network applications. Using Google’s V8 JavaScript engine it’s taken the lead among others. Already millions of JavaScript developers are adopting Node.js for the enterprise application development. Those include well-known enterprises Dell, Yahoo, Walmart.

Strongloop, a company behind Node.js platform, claims that its downloads number reaches 35,000 each single day. Node.js is a top software system for cloud computing and is supported by five out of the six major PaaS providers including industry leaders Google, Amazon, Microsoft. Node.js is pretty extensible and highly scalable with over 30,000 module. Node.js developers formed this super strong, which makes Node.js platform that more appealing for enterprise application development.

JavaScript Developers in Demand

JavaScript developers are getting high in demand due to ever-growing popularity of JavaScript as a scripting language for enterprise application development. JavaScript has some strong sides that allow for that. One is its power, flexibility and ubiquity that JavaScript developers fully take advantage of, especially when it comes to shifting the enterprise solutions to mobile and cloud. Early-adopter enterprises have already started making their application mobile-friendly, leveraging the JavaScript skills of their web developers and applying them to these new directions. The same is true for backend developers that were involved in the development of traditional enterprise solutions. they are vastly switching their expertise and becoming highly qualified JavaScript developers. Such a migration is quite easy and painless.

The enormous benefits to be gained by having a lingua franca for the enterprise application development, especially when it is easy to learn and quite popular, backed by a strong community, makes the case for JavaScript very strong. Not to forget that JavaScript is a popular choice for high school computer course among students, which means it’s already becoming the dominating programming language for the next generations of developers.

A simple, open language, equally adapted to building both client and server-side application – all these points prove that JavaScript is to become an enterprise application development language. For more information on how you can merit from building  Javascript developers team, contact A-Grade IT.