Is IT Staffing for Your Business?

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Your business success directly correlates to how well you have built your development team, and whether or not you made the right decision to hire developers yourself. You need right people to get a quality product or service. Each year IT market is getting fresh faces, but will they make a right fit? Developers can have right skills and expertise for the project, but personal qualities and cultural factors should be also taken into account.  The perfect match is hard to find and even harder to keep.  Sorting through dozens of resumes and conducting interviews to hire a developer for your project team can take months for someone who has no recruitment experience. But do not despair, IT staffing companies are there to hire a software developers, web programmers, IT consultants, web marketing specialists for you with the skill set you require. Let’s look at the major merits of working with an IT staffing agency.

Get IT experts to hire qualified programmers

IT staffing agency has a recruitment personnel that specialises in hiring IT folk, which means they know IT field and have some  IT technology background themselves. These recruiters are up-to-date what is hot in IT world and where you should be going as far as skills and experience of the developers are concerned.

IT Staffing agency knows who is Top Developer

More and more of enterprise-level businesses turn to IT staffing companies to build them an effective project team, and of course it would not be happening, if getting It staffing agency to hire developers for you would be beneficial.

It staffing companies have rich IT network with lots of the technology-field connections, among which you can find a programmer you need to complete your dedicated team. Some of those candidates can be fully satisfied with their current jobs, and if you were to contact them directly, there is a high chance they will say n. An IT staffing firm will work with you to find the best way to approach them and recruit those developers.

Save time and energy

The recruitment of IT staff has changed significantly in recent years, and takes now more time. If you are looking just for one It specialist to extend your in-house team to work on short-term project, you do not have the time to waste. Even if you make an attractive job posting, it does not guarantee you get the right person immediately, it will attract a lot of developers and other IT specialists, but how do you then sort them? Searching, screening, selecting, conducting interviews and evaluating each candidate is pretty gruesome. Having IT Staffing agency do recruitment for you just might be the best solution. They will provide you with a shortlist. It will have a few contenders with their resume, interview results, skills level checked, you are left with final interview, and then you get a developer on your board.

IT Staffing agency lets you ‘test drive’ candidates

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of how IT Staffing agency operates, compared to a regular staffing company, the last thing I would like to mention is that you can hire a development team on a trial basis. You can monitor its performance, and decide how well they cooperate. That is a great advantage, as you can see for yourself who you work best with, before signing a long-term contract.

Let yourself focus on project development and management, and get A-Grade IT build you a dedicated team or hire needed developers to to extend your in-house IT department. Leveraging our experience and expertise in IT to staff you with . NET developers, C++ programmers, seo specialists, content marketers, UI/UX designers, top project managers – whomever you need, we supply.