5 Reasons to switch to dedicated IT support team

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Without any doubt, we entered the era where the data became the currency of our future. Everything is processed by some kind of software for data management, and afterwards the filtered data is delivered to a targeted audience. The way we now approach data and information management can dramatically impact our business, be it for better or worse.

Internal  IT support team

Reality of our world today is ever-changing and evolving data that is becoming even more complex and multifaceted, as we speak (“big data” would be a proper name), thus its management is quite a challenge. Since monitoring and managing tremendous volumes of data, produced each single moment, maintaining hardware and computing software resources overload the in-house support team, the number of companies willing to outsource the enterprise maintenance and hire a dedicated support team, is growing exponentially. Some firms go as far as to set up a dedicated development center to completely outsource online tech support of their systems..

It’s said that 2014 will be a year of managed service providers, or MSPs, and there are good reasons for that.  Let’s take a look at five reasons you should forget about in-house support and switch to dedicated team to manage your IT support.

Why outsource IT Support

Here is a list  of five major reasons to hire a fully dedicated team for your IT support:

  1. Cost-reduction    Cost reduction by 30-40%

    Let’s be honest, price factor is probably the one that plays the biggest part in whether you stay with in-house tech support team or decide to recruit your own dedicated team of  network administrators and IT consultants. With dedicated managed services you can cut down your IT support expenses up to 40%.

  2. Freed-up--IT-resourcesShared risks

    By delegating your data management, tech support and software maintenance to an IT support provider, you are lowering the level of infrastructure risk, while raising the level of flexibility, agility and improving dynamics in your organization’s operation, so that you deliver a solution of higher quality.

  3. Experts-in-data-managementExperts in data management

    Maybe you don’t have a massive enough IT budget to hire an expert team to guide your company through the rough patches in big data management. By involving an A-Grade IT expert you immediately get an access to best practises and techniques that otherwise would be out of your reach.  By hiring a dedicated IT consultant you can easily keep up with your competitors, or even take the lead in your industry.

  4. Shared-risksTop priority for core business

    The last benefit, but certainly not least, after you outsource your IT support, you can put an A+ effort to achieve your core business objectives. Having your all of your IT support handled internally forces you to divide you focus and resources tp manage your website, or support product/application. Outsourcing your IT tasks and hiring a professional dedicated support team to complete them lets you revise your priorities and put growing your business at the top, instead of worrying about monitoring and preventing malfunctioning of your hardware, software, ensuring network security and tackling user issues.

  5. Top-priority-for-core-businessFreed up  IT resources

    Your company essentially has  limited  internal resources  that determine the scope of your company’s operation on IT market. Outsourcing your IT support is the best way to free up human and infrastructure resources that can be work towards accelerating and expanding your business.

In simplest terms, the future of in-house IT support team is looking more and more bleak. You need a data-forward dedicated IT support for your enterprise, and A-Grade IT would be glad to help you.