3 Reasons to switch to AngularJS for Your Next Web Development project

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

AngularJS is a solid JavaScript framework that was designed and developed by dedicated developers from Google to simplify front-end development. Today, you can find plenty of Javascript frameworks that makes the job of choosing one for your next web development project quite a challenge. Here are 3 reasons  why you need to hire a Javascript developer that has experience of working with AngularJS.

1 AngularJS framework is built and supported by dedicated programmers from Google.

Many of JavaScript frameworks, as you may know, were developed by enthusiasts and simply JavaScript lovers, like Cappuccino web framework and Knockout, but not all of them make it passed a few months. Angular Javascript framework has been designed and programmed by dedicated developers team from Google. It has a huge community of skilled  IT engineers that will help you with all of your AngularJs related questions.

Now, some of you remember that Google made an attempt to develop a JavaScript framework before; the Google web  development team  worked on Web Toolkit that aimed at compiling Java down to JavaScript, and was successfully applied by the Google Wave team of developers. Now, with the rising popularity of  HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for front-end and back-end web development, Google engineers developed AngularJS to provide a new standard for a web application structure, showing exactly how front-end applications should be built.

2 AngularJS is a complete solution for front-end web development.

Angular Javascript framework is a comprehensive solution that allows rapid web application development. You don’t need other extensions and modules to develop a web application. Let’s do a quick overview of its features:

  • RESTful actions. Writing just one line of code in Javascript lets you send a direct message to server and receive the data needed for your web pages. AngularJS framework took a step further, it actually transforms it into a simple JavaScript object, following the MVVM pattern.

  • MVVM support. Angular’s so-called Models interact with ViewModel objects through the $scope object that monitors the Models for any changes. Then they are rendered by the Views, which is essentially your HTML code. In their turn, views can be routed using the $routeProvider object, so you can deep-link and organize your Views and Controllers, turning them into URLs that you can navigate with.

  • Data Binding and Dependency Injection. All the communication in MVVM pattern is conducted through the UI, so there wrappers, getters/setters or class declarations are no longer used. AngularJS covers that for you, so you can represent your data with a few JavaScript primitives, like arrays, or get a bit fancy, through custom types. Since most operation are performed automatically, you can have the dependencies as parameters in AngularJS service functions to run your code.

  • Extends HTML. Building websites today often comes down to a series of <div> tags. To make it comprehensive,  a web developer has to write numerous extensive CSS classes to indicate what each object in the DOM does, and what it is used for. AngularJs framework assimilates your HTML to XML, extending its possibilities. It’s possible thanks to Angular’s HTML compiler and the fact that it uses directives to prompt a specific behavior based on the just-written syntax.

  • HTML as your template. AngularJS uses the bracket syntax  in its templating system, similar to  Hogan.js engine for the Mustache templating language. The templates then come to compiler as DOM elements, at this stage they can extended, executed or reused. This kind of templating system lets you easily extend the DOM tree, as you word with raw DOM components, instead of long strings.

  • Enterprise-level testing. AngularJS covers testing tasks out-of-the-box as well, you do not need to install any new modules, or add-ons.  It has unit-testing API simirar to what we have in QUnit, Mocha or Jasmine. If you wrote unit tests in those before, it won’t be a problem for you to do unit testing in AngularJs. Its Scenario Runner will take you step-by-step through running your tests.

  • Internationalization and accessibility out-of-the-box. The JavaScript framework has a few basic filters ( datetime, number, and currency ) that provide internationalization (i18n support) and localization features. Angular’s $locale service detects the location to display  relevant content. As a result, it’s super easy to add your own translation service for applications that need  multilanguage support..

This is why  AngularJS is perfect for building quickly an efficient, easily maintainable front-end codebase. As long as you have a source for storing data, AngularJS can do all of the heavy lifting on the client side, while providing an interactive experience for the user.

3 AngularJS allows for building web applications more quickly.

AngularJs is a robust JavaScript framework for building complex web applications. Starting your work without any previous experience can be a challenge. However having worked with Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, or Backbone.js will make that much easier. And as you get to those fine points, you’ll see that developing needed feature takes you less time as you write less code.

Just the ng-model and ng-class directives in Angular framework alone let you cut down on coding most of the common operations that you would have to program in jQuery.

Need Angular JavaScript Developers?

Now that you’ve learned about the major benefits of building web applications with AngularJs, you might be considering it for your next enterprise application development project. If so, you will need a team of experienced AngularJS developers. This is where IT staffing companies come into view, or those providing dedicated developers resources. They know IT talent market and have a vast experience in recruiting the developers that will fit right into your description of a dream team of AngularJs developers. Of course, you may hire Javascript developers with the general technology knowledge, and put some time and money into training them. AngularJs development team has improved and extended its documentation with new tutorials and fresh examples of how to build more complex applications.


AngularJS is a great choice if you look for JavaScript framework that allows advanced web application development. Unlike its competitors, AngularJs developers put a lot of time and effort into its testability and code quality. It’s especially good for building single page applications that became quite popular in recent years as it improves a web user experience by simplifying navigation and presenting all the information in a fresh easy-to-digest way. Angular JavaScript framework takes it upon itself to solve the issue of dynamic views by extending & adjusting HTML vocabulary with some add-on declarations. Since AngularJS was designed and developed by a talented developers team from Google, it has got a solid foundation and is well-maintained. Interested in trying it out, hire yourself a Javascript developers to start a new web development project.