A-Grade IT Expert on Demand

Have a question, we hold the answer

Got some “hot” questions on software design and process optimization, our IT experts can help you with that. By working with our IT experts, you get an immediate access to our competent project management staff, our training specialists and our vast knowledge base of bullet-proof management techniques, strategies, and guidelines — all of which combined let you meet your business goals that much easier.

A-Grade IT expert provides the project consulting service to make sure you and your dedicated development team delivers on time and within budget.

When should you involve A-Grade IT Expert?

Laying out the foundation – Still unsure how to take off with your dedicated development team? Our project consulting practitioners will provide an overview of everything you’ll need with offset of your dedicated development team, including how to pick the perfect tools, manage your dedicated resources and get things rolling.

Getting the Job Done – Each project has its own goals and needs. To stay on top of your deadlines, and track the progress of the project you need some heavy project planning that can make or break you, as well as the actual execution of your plans and means to keep everything running as expected.

Keeping It Smooth – No two projects are ever alike. Even the slightest change can completely alter the dynamics and result in your project going off course. We do not just assist you in managing your project but anticipate the problems that may arise along the development. Our IT experts go with you over the essential ways to keep your project flowing smoothly courtesy of ongoing communication, discovering potential risks and dealing with change in your dedicated teams.

Following Through – Finishing stage is almost as important as the project initiation. We explain how to complete and deliver your project.

Need more information? Carry on.

With A-Grade IT Expert on Demand services you’ll get lots of project management tips, but in a customized frame that will help you implement the best practices of product development, improve performance of your dedicated development team and track overall project development. Of course, our advice can be supplemented and ongoing as the project requirements change.


Apply our expert knowledge in your context. Our professionals have a long history working with agile development methodology at hundreds of projects, and they will share their real world experience with your dedicated team.


Minimize risk, improve quality and enhance overall user’s experience. We can help your company remove software defects and performance limitations by developing the right strategy and assure it is followed through.


To avoid deployment setback and actually speed up the product delivery, you need a well-oiled integration process. A-Grade IT professionals provide you with the tools and techniques best suited for your team.

Business Process

Reengineering business processes, we work to boost productivity of your dedicated team, increase the revenue and cut down the development costs, so that you remain flexible and adaptable to any change in your requirements.